Relation of the first day of BSF 2016

Yesterday, the fifth edition of Bruno Schulz. Festival launched. A week of meetings with literature, music and art is ahead of us, and all of it under the patronage of the writer from Drohobycz.


The festival started musically. In the Synagogue Under a White Stork a concert of Małe Instrumenty (Small Instruments) was held; an extraordinary band from Wrocław, which experiments with music as Bruno Schulz experimented with words. Still looking for new sounds, crafting them from unobvious instruments, “loud toys” and inventions. The band, formed from the initiative of Paweł Romańczuk plays for almost a decade now, but yesterday – on the scene appeared also Iwona Sztucka, Magda Lipniewska, Tomasz Orszulak and Jędrzej Kuziela – for the first time “Project Schulz” performed in Wrocław: a suite inspired by the patron of the festival. For the moment of Jan Nowicki’s reciting of fifteen fragments of The Street of Crocodiles music played, as poetic, intriguing and disquieting as the text. In the Synagogue “Pod Białym Bocianem”, the musicians created a new world, full of emotions. The place of the event isn’t accidental – in a Jewish temple, Words of the man who can be considered as a symbol of the tragic history of the Jewish nation, resonated with magnified force. If you missed it – regret, but also remember that was far from the last music event on Bruno Schulz Festival!

male-instrumentyEwa Dąbrowska

Photos from the first day of the festival
Program for the next days