Wrocław, 10-16 October 2016

Bruno Schulz. Festival (BSF) is an international festival of art and literature. Its fifth edition is a part of The European Capital of Culture and UNESCO World Book Capital Wrocław 2016.

Bruno Schulz – patron of BSF – is one of the mostly read, translated, commented and adapted writer who wrote in Polish in the world. From the end of 2012, the rights to his works are in public domain, what means that; thanks to possible resumes, (not only in Poland, but also from outside of its borders) the opus “Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass” will be even more present in the cultural bloodstream. Bruno Schulz is also a symbol of the dramatic history of the Jewish nation by the fact he was a victim of holocaust – the most drastic episode in European history as for the Jewish nation, and hence the decision to place the figure of “Bruno Schulz” as a main cyclical symbol of this literary-artistic festival.

BSF is there to create unusual events and combine them in this unique way, which was called by a guest of the first edition; Ludwik Falszen a studio festival, for the main target of BSF organizers is on one hand to ensure that many people will come on the festival events, moreover a lot of activities seemingly not fitting the dignity of the subject (city games, happenings, murals, concerts and a whole range of initiatives mainly using the internet and a new canon of social communication – All of which were already a part of the first edition of BSF), and on the other, presenting with a deep reflection and uncompromised  solemnity a great number of discussions about literature, or more generally about culture and art, and efficiently add them into socially-idealistic tissue of Wrocław and Poland, and maybe, who knows, the whole world.

A far-reaching target of BSF is complicity in creating the society:

  • Which understands the significant role of education and art in creating attitudes to life
  • Which understands the importance and complexity of concepts: Identity and historical remembrance and also the nonobviousness of issues related to the act of creation
  • Which parts-individuals will actively take part in dialogues and the progress in the idea of tolerance and openness

BSF is also a place where possible are encounters of different outlooks and bold discussions about both present day problems and the ones referring to the history; problems considered through the prism of the highest class literary and art works and their authors.

The idea along with the mission of BSF found comprehension in two most important partners of the event: The President of Wrocław city and the Minister of National Culture and Heritage, what caused that the EMG publisher (Executive producer of BSF) made a deal for long term realizations this project in Wrocław.

All the events are free. Welcome all of you!

CEO: Irek Grin

Program Director: Marcin Baran

Organizational Director: Agnieszka Orłowska