The indeterminates of Barańczak

Despite the quite big collection of subject bibliography, Stanisław Barańczak does not stop to be an unobvious author. We are not going to question the state of research, in which many outstanding works are; instead, we are proposing an attempt to a fresh approach to his works, and a different way to look on the topics already moved. Here are some intriguing issues:

Politics. How can you describe texts and biography of Barańczak, referring to different meanings of diplomacy, often used in a critical discourse of the last years?

(anti)metaphysics. Thanks to Barańczak himself, starting from the 80’s of the past century, the concept of metaphysics was pulled out repeatedly. The frequency caused sometimes simplified, or positive reading of Barańczak. And yet it is a distrusted writing – and of negation. What do we think now about Barańczak’s negative metaphysics, unmetaphysics, antimetaphysics?

Emotions. Barańczak is one of the co-founders of Polish structuralism; this way of thinking also not once came back in different interpretations of Barańczak works. Still-beside? Jointly? – the structuralistic rationality is quietly passionate as for writing. Does then the emotional sphere confirms the Barańczak program, or can you find in it discontinuity?

Postmodernism. Barańczak was not much of an enthusiast of postmodern reading of literature. Most works about the author does not excessively use the new exploratory languages. Why? Would Barańczak’s postmodernism would say many new things about his works?

On the conferences about Barańczak in the previous years (Poznań, May 2014 and Katowice, May 2015) also the less known parts of his work were discussed, not once it came to innovative interpretative reconstructions. We hope that also on our conference it will come to some discoveries. Welcome!

Krzysztof Biedrzycki

Adam Poprawa

Piotr Śliwiński

  • 10:00am-11:50am
    Opening of the conerence
    Krzysztof Biedrzycki, “…replaying from the fire/you, my text” poetry – reading and creating different
    Dorota Wojda, Linguistics and medicine. Strukturalistic trails of Stanisław Barańczak poetry
    Dobrawa Lisak-Gębala, Barańczak – “baroque?”

    A break

    Paweł Mackiewicz, A girl in a winter journey. About metapoetic plots in one tome of Stanisław Barańczak
    Tomasz Kunz “Betwixt this wor(l)d and that of grace..” or about a certain difference (not only phonic) in the matter about Stanisław Barańczak poem What to say
    Anna Pytlewska, Hemophilia. Some guesses about Barańczak that we will never get to know
    A discussion

  • Jarosław Fazan, “Bist Du bei mir” A meeting with a stranger (a man and – sometimes, who knows – with God) in the poetry of S.B.
    Joanna Dembińska-Pawelec, “Bist Du bei mir” one more time
    Ewa Rajewska, next to the Filling Station Elizabeth Bishop (with the automotive-metaphysic reflections)

    11:50am – 00:10pm
    A break

    00:10pm – 02:00pm
    Piotr Bogalecki, Bad air and a good night. How artificial respiration worked
    Adam Poprawa, I know, this is a preface
    Beata Przymuszała, A distanced intellectual. The emotions in Barańczak poetry
    A discussion

  • 10:00am-11:50am
    Jerzy Jarniewicz Barańczak in a library, or paratexts of a translator
    Magdalena Heydel, the sense(s) of a translator. The attempt to depressurize translation’s rationality of Stanisław Barańczak
    Maciej Skrzypecki, Spark and Sparkle, about the translations of absurd poetry on the example of Ogden Nasha works
    A discussion

    A break

    Jerzy Madejski, Ethics, poetry, a lampoon
    Tomasz Cieślak- Sokołowski, Barańczak’s linguisms
    A discussion
    Ending of the conference